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Sunday, April 24, 2005

We Have the Same Dog

My daughter picked out a little stuffed birthstone dog for my birthday which she gave to me yesterday.

She has one for her birthday and when reminded, she ran upstairs to get it and then brought it down.

"We have the same dog." she said happily.

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She then proceeded to compare all the dogs' parts. We sat on the floor and I held mine while she held hers.

"They have the same nose." she said as she touched the dogs' noses together.

"They have the same bow."

She went on like this, holding the dogs together and exploring all their sameness.

And I sat thinking that we have the same nose and the same eyes, too.

She decided the dogs should play together in the bag mine was given in.

Much later in the day, she pulled them out again.

Once again she examined their sameness.

Then she handed hers to me and took mine.

"Here," she said, "you take my dog and I'll take your dog and we'll rub their backs."

And so we sat there on the floor of the living room rubbing their backs.

And I tried not to cry.

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