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I placed my daughter in an open adoption in 2002. I started this blog in 2004 as a place to journal and eventually I became part of a community. The community has moved on, but I have decided to come back.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


First, thank you to everyone who has followed me over to my other blog. I appreciate that you care enough about me to keep up with the more mundane parts of my life.

On the adoption front, I had a wonderful Christmas visit with my daughter. They actually invited me to sleep over and then babysit all day the next day. Although the actual visit didn't work quite like that, I did have a long visit with a lot of alone time with my daughter. They were hoping I'd stay a second night, but changing my plans last minute isn't easy for me, so I declined. I did write a post about it which I saved in my drafts. Once I make sure it doesn't contain anything too personal, I'll publish that here. [Already done: see below.]

On to the real news....

Back in October, I mentioned that I had restarted medication and therapy. While the therapy was and continues to be great, the medication part was another story. If you've ever tried medication, you understand what the process is like. The short version is that from October to January, I tried two different medications through my primary care physician and reacted very, very badly to both. Of course, you're advised to give medications time so basically I was barely functioning during that time.

That turmoil was part of the reason I had to close this blog.

I don't regret it at all. I felt an immediate sense of relief. With two or three exceptions (my visit, Juno, some of the blog drama), I felt no desire to post.

Thanks to a referral from my therapist to a great psychiatrist, I am currently doing much, much better...........but I'm still not going to reopen this blog.

In the spirit of my post on OAS, I will start writing adoption posts on my other blog. I realize that takes away from a blog somewhat- it's better when a blog has a particular focus- but I think the choice will be right for me: it's hard to continue to separate my two lives, I'm not looking to get a bunch of readers anyway, I'll feel less pressure to post a certain amount because I'll have unlimited topics. I don't have any problem reading blogs that have multiple topics, especially if I've grown to like a person or their writing, so I think it'll be fine.

I need to create a post there explaining the change, and I'll still post my last visit here. I still plan to keep writing over at Open Adoption Support. I still plan to keep this blog available. I don't know how often I'll post about adoption over there, but I'll create a tag so that those of you who only want to read about adoption can do so easily.

Right now, I think it's time to merge.